10 Fate of 600 Years

Ryu believes he'll never be able to become a Shaman and doesn't go to Yoh's place for his duties. In order to cheer him up, Muscle Punch, one of his friends, takes the gang to an abandoned bowling place, where they intend to establish their "best place", a place where they can hang out. Ryu rejects the place, however, for being too far from a train station and lacking a convenience store. Still, they decide to have a go at bowling. When Yoh and Manta come check the place looking for him, he hides in the female restroom, where he is possessed by the spirit of Tokageroh (Gecko). Meanwhile, Yoh, Manta and Amidamaru sense the place is haunted and advise everyone to leave it once they find Ryu. Big Ball, another friend of Ryu, says no business in that area succeeds due to a curse. Ryu emerges from the restroom as a ruthless bandit and takes his gang to the museum where Harusame is kept, intending to steal it. Manta spies on them and ends up kidnapped. Ryu takes him and his reluctant gang to Yoh's house, where Tokageroh reveals himself and says he wants revenge on Amidamaru for killing him 600 years ago.

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