15 Bone Killers

HoroHoro skips his training to pay Yoh a visit, but Pirika captures him and goes bitter on Yoh for defeating her brother and "messing their dream". Yoh melancholically realizes only one person will be Shaman King. His second opponent is an eerie figure called Faust VIII and the fight is arranged at a catholic cemetery. Meanwhile, Silva takes Anna to dinner and asks her to make Yoh forfeit the match, explaining that Faust killed his previous opponent by continuously attacking him even after he was unable to oversoul and despite a priest's intervention. Back at the cemetery, Faust reveals his medium - a full skeleton under his coat with a bullet hole on its forehead. He explains he is a necromancer and a descendant of Faust and that he was a doctor who found great pleasure in saving people's lives, but was unable to beat death, which motivated him to go after the Shaman King title. Manta comments that reviving the dead might be impossible, which infuriates Faust. The doctor takes control of the countless skeletons buried around him and have them kidnapp Manta and subdue Yoh. Manta is attached to a cross and Faust uses his powers to explore inside Manta's body while Manta is awake. Yoh breaks free from the bones and promises to take Faust down.

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