17 Two People’s Journey to the Best Place

Due to Ren's interference, Yoh loses his match. In an attempt to prevent Manta from getting harmed again, Yoh ends their friendship. Later, Manta and Ryu accidentally meet by Yoh's house and read a note informing they left home for some time. Ryu invites Manta for a journey on his bike to search for Yoh and they head to Izumo, Yoh's hometown. A car is seen following them. Later, at a convenience store, Ryu secretly confronts the occupants of the car that's been following them and learn they are two shamans, a little girl and a woman, who attack Ryu on sight. Tokageroh joins Ryu and they have a very brief fight with them, but Mikihisa intervenes and ends it. Yoh's father congratulates Ryu and advices him to fix a ripped sleeve, which reveals an oracle under it. In Izumo, Yoh meets Yohmei, his grandfather, and asks him for a way to get stronger in time for his fight with Ren. Yohmei tells him there is a way, but it may cost his life. Later, he takes him to the entrance of a dark cave. Yoh's training simply consists of following the cave's only path to the other side of it. On his way, he will be deprived of light and sound. Yoh understands and starts his journey, which is expected to last for seven days. Meanwhile, a pink-haired girl accompanied by the spirits of a fox and a raccoon predicts disaster will be brought on Yoh by two persons, "one small and one big".

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