25 A Shaman's journey

Phase two of the Shaman Fight is announced and it will take place in the United States. The only information provided for the shamans is that they must reach the Patch village within three months. Yoh hangs out with Anna and then with Manta; HoroHoro enjoys some time with Pirika, who gives him a Ikupasu she crafted herself; Ryu reads a farewell collective gift handwritten by his gang; and Ren talks to Bason about the upcoming fights. Meanwhile, Silva is warned by Kalim that Hao – the person mentioned by Zenryou in episode 21 – is in town. He meets him, who is revealed to be the boy seen later in that episode. Silva says he is very bold to "show up again" and Hao explains he "exists since too long" and that it is because of him that Silva was born. Meanwhile, they notice a group of white-dressed figures watching them from afar. On the next day, Yoh, HoroHoro and Ryu head to an airport where Ren awaits them with a jet. Manta meets them there to say goodbye. Hao shows up and provokes them, easily defeating the four with his spirit, the gigantic Spirit of Fire. He tells Yoh to get stronger for him, the "future king Hao", and leaves carrying a group of partners.

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