33 The Mysterious Asakura

Hao orders Ashil, the follower seen talking to him in the previous episode, to kill "one or two" of Yoh's friends so he becomes wiser and angrier. Bill Burton is sent along to keep Yoh himself from taking part of the fight and getting harmed. As the pair leaves, Opacho, another of Hao's followers, remarks "their" presence. Even alone, Ashil fights Ryu, Horohoro, Ren and Lyserg with ease. He also reveals that Yoh is Hao's descendant, shocking everyone. After Yoh manages to break through Burton's defense and join the battle, Ashil decides to have him and his friends terminated, but he is suddenly killed by a beam of light. Some white-dressed shamans - the ones seen in episode 25 - emerge next to a gigantic, robotic, angel-like creature and a blond man introduces them as the X-Laws, a sect devoted to erasing Hao and his followers from Earth. They even invite Yoh's group to join them, but Yoh refuses due to Ashil's cold-blooded execution. Later, Opacho asks Hao about the X-Laws and Hao replies he will allow them to do what they want. In Japan, Yohmei reveals Hao dates back to a thousand years ago, when every Asakura member gave their best to defeat him, though it was too late, for he had already mastered god-like abilities, allowing him to manipulate his own life and reincarnate at will. Yohmei explains Asakura's purpose is to defeat Hao. He asks Anna to deliver the Chou Senji Ryakketsu, the book containing Hao's initial techniques, to Yoh. 

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