49 Doctor Doctor

Manta and Faust assist Maya, a woman they saw fainting by a square. She is later joined by her husband Ados and her son Melos, with whom she forms Team Enseios, and they leave when the oracle announces their next fight, visibly uncomfortable. Later, while Faust seems somewhat concerned with the family, the boys learn they are able to lend their furyoku to each other. In the next morning, they watch the family's match and witness as Maya and Melos lend their powers to Ados, who wins the fight but ends up exhausted while his wife faints again. Meanwhile, Manta grows disappointed with Faust for being a doctor and not warning them against risking their lives like that. Yoh's group is announced as their next opponents and Faust asks to fight them alone. The doctor destroys the family's combo oversoul multiple times, but they remake it every time until they end up too exhausted to oversoul again and lose. Faust tells Melos he will treat his passed out parents and then he will dedicate himself to finding a cure for his disease, revealing the reason why the family took the Shaman Fight so seriously. Manta later apologizes to Faust.

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