50 I Have a Darkness in My Heart

Silva tells Yoh, Anna, Manta, Tamao and Ryu that Nichrom, one of the ten priests, has been acting strange lately. He then asks about Ren, leaving the guys confused about Ren's relation to it. Team Ren is visited by Nichrom, who tells Ren he is the younger brother of Chrom, the priest Ren killed during the Shaman Fight admission test. He also informs he had his hatred removed by someone called Nyorai and says he should talk to her to be cleansed too. Nichrom leaves and Silva arrives, but is almost attacked by Ren, who mistook him for Chrom. The team discusses the situation while a frog-faced humanoid figure stands above their room, unbeknownst to them. Meanwhile, Nichrom and several shamans are seen flocking to a temple where they bow before Nyorai, who is accompanied by three fighters. Silva oversees the situation and is informed by Hao that Nyorai is the leader of Team Dairedo and removes darkness from people's hearts. Hao also taunts him by suggesting he is the descendant of his reincarnation of 500 years ago. After he leaves, Silva heads towards the temple but is paralyzed by three shadowy figures who leave right before Mikihisa materializes behind him. Back to Team Ren, Ren grows increasingly mad and ends up fainting. HoroHoro asks Chocolove to make up a story for Yoh and the others and takes Ren to Nyorai, but she taunts him about him not being able to overcome Yoh and he ends up succumbing to her too. On the next morning, HoroHoro heads back to his room, where everybody cleans up the mess caused by Ren, and attacks Yoh, expressing frustration for not winning him back in their first round match (see episode 14). Anna's shikigamis subdue HoroHoro and Chocolove takes him back to Nyorai, without telling the guys what was going on. Faust arrives and tells everybody Team Ren's next fight has been determined. Chocolove confronts Nyorai saying she uses the frog-faced figure to create illusions and Silva complements explaining she does so in order to convert possible opponents in new followers, causing them to forfeit the matches. Then, he announces the beginning of the fight between Team Ren and Team Dairedo, overseen by the three shadowy figures. HoroHoro is still confused by Nyorai and ends up attacking his own partners while Ren' refusal to recognize the darkness in his heart leads him to lose control of his oversoul. Nyorai tries to dominate Chocolove using his failure as a comedian against him but he is able to overcome it with a joke. Ren and HoroHoro are freed from Nyorai and the team defeats her fighters, who are revealed to be just stones oversouled by the girl, who is then disqualified for failing to form a three-member team. Chocolove later makes her let go of her cult and become a normal girl.

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