55 Gate of Babylon

Marco tells Lyserg the X-Laws are planning to kidnap Yoh to lure Hao into the Gate of Babylon. Meanwhile, while Yoh and the others are still in a bad mood following Lyserg's incident, Manta finds out his laptop is malfunctioning. Then, he follows Ryu, the most depressed of all, into the woods, where he ends up kidnapped by Lyserg as a bait for Yoh. In the process, Lyserg takes Ryu down with just one hit and demands him to tell Yoh where to go. While Manta is being held hostage within a tight iron cage, his laptop turns on again and starts energizing itself, unbeknownst to him. When Yoh arrives with his friends, Marco tells him to bow before Jeanne within a magical pitch. Manta's desperate attempts to talk Yoh off doing so end up with Mosuke oversouling again and breaking their cage. Marco and Lyserg then attempt to capture Yoh by force, but Jeanne decides to personally deal with the situation. Using Shamash's powers, she traps Yoh's group within a cage where they are unable to oversoul. As she prepares to send them through the gate, Hao emerges and burns her.

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