58 Flaming Angel

While shamans across Patch Village discuss the situation, the remaining X-Laws head to the Holy Ground of the Stars where the Great Spirit lies. Meanwhile, as they fight, Yoh and Ren learn how to make their oversouls smaller and more efficient. Ren realizes they can still become stronger and ends the fight. Then, they enter the Forest of No Return, which leads to the Great Spirit. Manta sees Lyserg sneaking in and decides to follow him. Anna also intends to go, but Yohmei and Kino show up and say they've something to show her. At the forest, the group splits up to fight Hao's followers. Meanwhile, the surviving X-Laws members prepare for their final stand against Hao. Lyserg is caught spying on them and has Zelel confiscated. When Hao arrives, he easily defeats Meene and Cebin, who were actually simply sacrificing themselves so Venstar could learn the secret behind Hao's power. Venstar traps himself and Hao inside a magical shield and deduces he uses oxygen as a medium, which Hao calmly confirms. Then, he detonates a powerful grenade in order to burn all oxygen within the cage so Hao cannot oversoul. However, Hao manages to survive by turning the Spirit of Fire into water. As he prepares to give the trio's souls for Spirit of Fire to eat, Lyserg's will to protect them causes Morphine to absorb them instead and merge with all the angels of deceased X-Laws members, evolving to a larger new form. Afterwards, the Great Spirit starts manifesting itself.

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