6 Kung Fu Master

Manta brings Yoh, Anna and Amidamaru to watch a movie about his idol, the late Kung-Fu fighter Lee Pai-Long who died mysteriously 17 years ago and had his body stolen in the middle of the funeral. As they leave the cinema, Jun confronts them personally with one of her Kyonshii, which Yoh easily defeats again. Jun then reveals her main Kyonshii: Lee Pai-Long himself. Jun explains he was killed to serve the Tao family and his corpse, re-embodied with his own spirit and fully controlled by her, was given to her as a birthday gift. Eventually, Yoh manages to reawaken Lee's emotions, but Jun still manages to control him. Yoh can't overpower Lee Pai-Long and Amidamaru blames their improvised sword. Jun threatens Manta, who abandons Yoh and leaves the spot.

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