60 Friend

Ryu and Chocolove have to fight Hao's gang alone while Faust treats Ren's wound and HoroHoro protects them with an ice shield. The shield eventually succumbus, but Lyserg joins the fight and even the odds, even managing to take Peyote out. However, he is soon put in danger, but Ren awakens much stronger than before, saves him and knocks out the entire gang alone. Lyserg apologizes for his behavior as an X-Laws member and they go after Hao. Meanwhile, Yohmei explains to Anna how the Asakura family managed to defeat Hao with the 1080. After Kino finishes her spell, Anna is given the artifact and heads to the Holy Ground of the Stars. Back to the other dimension, Yoh fights the female trio and easily takes them out. He is then joined by Silva and Kalim following their victory over Zinc and Nichrom. Meanwhile, Hao, Opacho and Manta arrive at a place with two tall pillars protected by a trio of birds who ask them to "show their consciences" and end up easily destroyed by Hao.

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