61 Eternal Farewell

Hao reaches the Great Spirit and waits for Yoh, who stumble upon more of the Great Spirit's birds by the pillars and fight them with Silva and Kalim. After several failed attempts, Yoh realizes the birds do not attack unless provoked and simply walks past them stating his true conscience is not about fighting. Later, Yoh's friends have their turn against the birds and win with considerable difficulties. Some time after, Jun reaches the pillars and is unable to defeat her bird. Anna emerges and destroys it, but another one materializes for Jun, who realizes she's too weak and decides to stay. Once Yoh catches up with Hao, they start a fight in which Yoh ends up easily overpowered. Hao remarks he has already become sufficiently strong by having Spirit of Fire eat Shamash, but says Yoh annoys him and eats his soul in front of Anna and the other guys, who had just arrived at the scene.

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